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Calculate. Acquire. Educate. Revamp. Profit

Mastermind Investing & Incubation Global Industries was made to help us be the be the best humans possible. To help our fellow man. To give hope to the hopeless. To bring joy in sorrow. 

Our Mission is to connect opportunity with growth minded people and business. Calculate. Acquire. Educate. Revamp. Profit" 

~ Chris Kurz 


Digital Work


Meet Chris and Jodie! We’re passionate about helping others find their voice. Our Portfolio of companies have consisted of online retail sales in the fashion industry, corporate housing, rental arbitrage, online training for the trades, Real Estate, and Portfolio Management. Our passion is investing in multi-family real estate and giving investors unprecedented access to deals that cash flow while only having a relatively short commitment. We believe that investing is the best way to protect your family's future. 

Jodie is from South Africa originally. She has now been in the United States consecutively since 2021. Jodie is a Real Estate Agent that brings community and connection to the investing space. Her spirit always lifts the room and her joy is contagious. When Jodie isn't helping clients, she is singing and using her jewelry platform to help young woman get the itch to start their own Woman Owned Business Careers.

Chris (Founder) started this company in 2013. Chris has worked in the HVAC industry for over 12 years giving him a unique perspective on the NOI of buildings alone with leveraging equipment cost and utility management to decrease costs and inflate valuations. Chris started out as a basic maintenance technician in the field. However, through persistence and dedication, he worked his way all the way up to a general manager for a venture capital company. Chris now actively invests and helps connect investors with profitable multi family deals.


Grow Your Portfolio

Kairos - Strategic Timing

Kaizen - Continuous Improvement

We protect investors through strategic investing and continuous improvement. Kairos timing with Kaizen events.

We help people grow their investment portfolios through partnerships in multi-family real estate deals. 

Expand Your Horizons with us!! We're not just about investments; we're about creating lasting impacts. We understand that the key to successful investing is not just about where you put your money, but also about who you partner with. Our expertise lies in identifying and cultivating lucrative multi-family real estate opportunities that promise not just returns, but sustainable growth. Connect with us today and discover how we can help you unlock the full potential of your investment portfolio.

Business Management Tools

Invest in Education

One of the greatest challenges in business training is managing costs without compromising on quality. Our online educational resources are a testament to our commitment to cost-efficiency. By transitioning to digital learning platforms, we significantly reduce the expenses associated with traditional training methods, providing a financially viable solution for businesses of all sizes. Whether it's mastering communication skills, understanding client needs, or managing client relationships, our content is adaptable to ensure relevance and effectiveness.


Results, Delivered

Building a Business is the most fun and terrifying thing one can do!  Most owners start off pinching pennies and then transition to using the business as their own personal bank. There is more to running a business that trying to keep taxes low. Being profitable and using proper business training is imperative for keeping your business as something that works for you and not the other way around.  We come along side business owners and help put in place the structure that is needed to give yourself the break from having to work in your business and start allowing you to work on your business. Once this change occurs, you can then focus on investing in your generational wealth and bring the change and freedom you want in your life and in others lives to the the world!



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Greeley, CO, USA


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